Constitution of CPIFA
(Revised at the 9th CPIFA Council Conference,
adopted on January 10, 2015)
Chapter One  General Provisions
Article One  The Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs is a non-governmental organization devoted to people’s diplomacy and public diplomacy. Its English name is THE CHINESE PEOPLE’S INSTITUTE OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS (CPIFA).
Article Two The purposes shall be to enhance mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples of China and all other countries in the world, to promote the establishment and development of friendly relations between China and all other countries in the world, to disseminate China’s independent foreign policy of peace and the idea of building a harmonious world, and to strive for peace, development and win-win cooperation throughout the world.
Article Three  In order to achieve the above-mentioned purposes, this Institute shall be devoted to:
1.     Conduct research on the international situation, major international issues and foreign policies and put forward proposals thereof to the Government.
2.     Establish and expand links and contacts with statesmen and noted public figures of all countries.
3.    Get in touch with domestic institutions and individuals engaged in the studies of international relations and public diplomacy; carry out exchanges and cooperation with academic institutions and NGOs of all countries.
4.     Organize and sponsor various types of forums, seminars, lectures and symposiums. Publish a quarterly Foreign Affairs Journal in English. Open a CPIFA website.
5.     Serve as an intermediary for business circles, financial circles and enterprises to promote bilateral or multilateral economic cooperation.
Chapter Two   The Council
Article Four  CPIFA Council is the main body for carrying out external exchanges. The Council is composed of senior advisors, advisors and Council members. Senior advisors and advisors are composed of incumbent or former state leaders, senior government officials and noted public figures from all walks of life. Council members are composed of senior diplomats as well as experts and scholars engaged in the studies of international issues and policies.
Article Five  The Standing Council is the day-to-day administrative body of CPIFA. It has one President. According to the needs of work, there shall be a number of Vice Presidents, one Secretary-General and a couple of deputy Secretaries-General.
Article Six  Main functions of the Standing Council:
1.     Call Council meetings.
2.     Submit reports to the Council.
3.     Supplement or remove Council members.
4.     Consider and supervise the implementation of funds and annual budgetary final accounts of CPIFA.
5.     Establish administrative bodies according to the needs of work.
6.     Engage somebody as Honorary President of CPIFA according to the needs of work.
Article Seven  Main functions of the Council:
1.     Consider the Report on the Work of CPIFA.
2.     Make suggestions concerning CPIFA work.
3.     Revise the present Constitution according to the changes of situation and needs of work.
Article Eight  Obligations of Council members:
1.     Abide by the CPIFA Constitution, implement CPIFA decisions.
2.     Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of CPIFA.
3.     Actively participate in the people’s diplomatic activities organized by CPIFA.
Article Nine  The tenure of each Council shall be four years. One annual conference shall be held every year to discuss and decide relevant matters.
Chapter Three   Funds of the Institute
Article Ten  Funds of the Institute shall be from:
1.     Governmental appropriations and subsidies.
2.     Donations from various circles of the society.
Chapter Four   Supplementary Provisions
      Article Eleven  CPIFA shall be based in Beijing.
Article Twelve  The present Constitution shall come into effect after adoption at the Council conference.
Article Thirteen  The Standing Council shall be responsible for the interpretation and implementation of the present Constitution.
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