A Plenary Speech on International Configuration and World Order at the 8th World Peace Forum

By Megawati Soekarnoputri

It is truly an honor for me to be in the 8th World Peace Forum and be the Main Speaker in the Plenary Session with the theme International Configuration and World Order.

A theme that is so close with peace issue, usually will always spark debate, along with the issue of power struggling that happens among countries which are considered more advance in economic development.

In this 21st century, when almost all nations have declared themselves independent and sovereign, it is exactly this time that imminent war seems always shadowing the world.

In this forum, I would like to propose a question, “Who is it that actually intended to be destroyed in this 21st Century?”

Is this the meaning of independence which with great effort has been fought by our founding fathers? Is this the meaning of technological advancement? Is technology created to spark the wars or is it intended to strengthen peace?

Indonesia is a nation which gained independence after colonization for 350 years. In that time, the founders of the nation bestowed Pancasila or the Five Principles as the foundation to Indonesian People. It is also important to be noted that in the Preamble of the Constitution, it was written that Indonesia will always actively contribute to the world peace.

Human in the earth has felt so many miseries caused by wars. In this modern era, we have been through the First and the Second World War. Yet there are other problems that have not found solution until today, such as Korean Wars, the Palestine, and several nations in the Middle East as well. We were surprised by humanitarian tragedies emerging in several nations using the religious issues.

Whereas known by us all, that there have been many active efforts from mankind such as by establishing world institutions for peace, including the United Nations.

Indonesia as well has actively undertaken the same concrete actions: by initiating the Asia Africa Conference in the year 1955, establishing the Non-Aligned Movement, and since 1957 until today, Indonesia has deployed 23 peacekeeping forces which we called Garuda Contingent.

We need to remember that the earth that we live in is only one, therefore we ourselves need to take care and conserve it. We have to realize that if every conflict always be interpreted as war, then the conflict itself will end up with hazard to the human civilization.

Whereas we all understand, the fate of mankind cannot be determined only by a few nations or groups who felt that they are big and powerful, or even those who felt that they are the most righteous and holy.

No single religion teaches its people to use the prerogative right of their Almighty God. No single man has the right to use the hydrogen bomb, or biological weapon, or nuclear bomb as what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. No single nation has the right to cause destruction to other nations. No single political system, and no single economic organization are eligible to destroy the world.

Every nation, as small as they may be, has the right to speak. And as small as their voices be, they have the right to be heard in the effort of world peace and security.

If we agree to create the world peace, then let us eliminate the causes to conflict.

Eliminate the causes to tension and we will feel calm! Eliminate the causes to wars and we will fill peaceful! Eliminate all hates, hostility and greed by sitting together! Use the peaceful mind and heart!

Eliminate it all with a constructive dialogue! Eliminate it all with deliberation for the consensus! Find and decide on the principles acceptable by all to solve conflict!

There is a principle that is aligned with the mandate of the United Nations Charter, which is the principle of equal sovereignty to all nations. A principle to respect, honor, recognize and protect the human rights of each man and the national rights of each nation. It is the principle that needs to be accepted, held firmly, and run by every nation.

The Founding father of Indonesia, the First President of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Soekarno, in front of the United Nations General Assembly in the year 1960, delivered the idea of “Stabilizing the World Order: Common Responsibilities, Joint Management and Shared benefit”. The idea was delivered on his speech entitled: To Build the World Anew.

In that historical moment, Soekarno said that it is not fair to exclude a nation from the international society. That time, Soekarno fought openly for the membership of the People’s Republic of China in United Nations, fought for the reunification of the people in Korean Peninsula, Vietnam, and war-torn Africa, as well as fought for the independence for Algeria, and the economic independence for Cuba and Laos.

Soekarno teaches us that peace cannot be separated from independence. Independence is the fruit of freedom spirit. A spirit that needs to always live, not only for our own nation but also for other nations as well.

There is nothing to be feared of when we are fighting for independence and peace. Fighting for those two things is always justifiable and righteous.
Soekarno passed down a dream to us, that is a dream about peace for a better world, a world free of dispute and tension. A world where children can grow up proudly and freely, a world where justice and welfare is applicable for everyone. A world where there is justice  and prosperity for everyone. A world where humanity can fulfill its full glory. A world where all nations live in peace and in the spirit of brotherhood.

Be part of the fight to fulfill that dream! Sing the song of peace in our heart and soul!

Let us all stand hand in hand in the spirit of brotherhood and solidarity. Believe that one day, the sun of peace will rise, the sun of emancipation that carry the light to all corners of the world. A new world without suppression!

 Megawati Soekarnoputri is former President of Indonesia.