To Promote Sustainable Security Based on the Development of Asia

Norodom Sirivudh Former Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister, Founder and Chairman, Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace
Peace and development is the common trend in the region and the world at large. However, we are not completely safe from emerging security threats stemming from terrorism and extremism, sovereignty disputes and nationalism, and structural power competition between major powers.
Climate change and natural disasters pose severe threats to our human security and wellbeing. Nepal’s earthquake calls upon us to act together to provide necessary support to our Nepalese friend and collaborative develop a plan to reconstruct Nepal after the disaster. I believe that together we can deal with such disasters.
Development and peace are intertwined. We cannot have development without peace. We cannot have peace without development. Peace and development need to go hand in hand.
Sustainable security is a security for all. It is not only state security but also human security. I think that human security is more important than state security given the facts that our human civilization is under serious threat caused by climate change, natural disasters, water scarcity, food insecurity, energy insecurity, environmental degradation, and pandemic diseases. We need to allocate more resources in providing human security.
Sustainable security requires strategic trust and partnership. Without trust, we can not cooperate and collaborate. We need to work together to bring about positive changes to our society.
People-centered development and human security should be prioritized in our international cooperation, and especially within the framework of CICA. The state and government leaders of CICA have committed to promote peace, stability, and prosperity in Asia. However, they need to develop a concrete action plans to deliver concrete results for Asian people.
As citizen of Cambodia, ASEAN, and Asia, I am proud to see the socio-economic achievements of our region. However, our development is not inclusive and equitable. Widening development gap between the haves and have-nots, between urban and rural areas is threatening sustainable peace and security. We need to urgently address inequality.
Inclusive growth, people-centered development, social justice, environmental justice, and fair and just industrialization must be emphasized in our development policies. Put people first before anything else. We need to balance the quantity and quality of our economic growth.
For Asians to stay secure, we need to invent our own security concepts. The new security concept developed by China is relevant for our discussion and elaboration. Asians are able of dealing with their own problems and issues they face. We need a mechanism and institute to guide and direct our cooperation on security matters. CICA should play such role.
Finally, trust is the backbone of peace and stability. Our forum today definitely contributes to build trust and understanding among the representatives from both state and non-state actors. Through such broad dialogue and participation, we can build own Asian identity. We share common goal and destiny: promoting sustainable development for your common development.